pussy periscope (2017)
wood and reflective mirror foil
24 x 7 x 3 cm
in collaboration with ‘De

Isabelle collaborated with the owner of the toy store where she used to spend her pocket money to make this pussy periscope. Inspired by her grandmother’s response as to why, in 83 years, she never saw her vagina. ‘It’s like a butcher’s shop on Saturday night. All that’s left are skins and lobes. That’s how we used to say it.’

clay your first toy (2017)
cardboard, plastic cups, pink bubble plastic, medium-set silicone putty 17 x 17,5 x 3 cm

This ritual to create her first masturbation toy is the conversation piece between mother and daughter. Every shape is okay, and it doesn’t have to be a phallic one. This product is for the mother to say ‘it’s okay’ and for the daughter to understand that she can ask questions. The clay dries up as rubber and is body safe.

I am discovering myself (2017)
textile, tape, sharpie
23 x 10 x 0,2 cm

This door hanger is to emphasize the mutual understanding about the well-deserved privacy of the daughter. This sign can give the girl a voice in inarticulate times.

squirt sheet (2017)
cotton, plastic, silk, and iron-on letters
0 x 60 cm
in collaboration with Josephine van Gemerde


This sheet is versatile and can be used to ejaculate on as well as sleeping on while on her period. It could be used to clean up any other type of sexual activity discretely. Without having to hide the dirty laundry

bed girls (2017)
15 minutes on loop

Filmed by her brother Danny Griffioen, Isabelle questions her mother and grandmother about masturbation while they are having grandma’s traditional apple pie. This short documentary is a family portrait as well as a documentation of different generation’s views on sexual independence.